Last year we partnered with Beloit's Bosom Buddies and raised $800 for cancer patients and cancer survivors.  This year we have partnered with the Rock County Cancer CoalitionClick on the Fundraising button below for info about the group and/or to donate.  We also have a donation box on site at the show.
Azalea Lights
A computerized Christmas light show synchronized to music

Lights ON: The 2013 show starts at 5 P.M. 


Please be sure to tell your friends and family to come see the light show, we love to see the cars out front and people enjoying the lights

The 2013 light show video is now on the Photos and Videos page
Azalea Lights is located at 806 E. Azalea Terrace in Beloit, WI.  You can see and hear the light show from the warmth of your vehicle.  Just tune your vehicle radio to 106.9 FM and be amazed!
The show usually consists of 4 to 5 songs and lasts 10-15 minutes, it then loops back to the beginning.

Our neighbors have been kind enough to tolerate the added traffic in the neighborhood during the show.  As such, we have a few requests:

1) Please pull to the side of the road in order to allow other vehicles to pass through.

2) While parked to watch the show please turn off your headlights but keep your parking lights on so you are still visible.

3) Do not park in driveways or block the road and/or intersection.

4) Please do not turn your vehicle radio up so loud that it disturbs the neighborhood and those around you.

5) Stay as long as you like.  However, if there are several other vehicles waiting, please be kind and allow others the opportunity to view the show from the front of the house.

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